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Invest in outside companies, advertising proposals, marketing inquiries and sponsorship opportunities

Marketing, Advertising or Sponsorships IT Audit Ltd. is always interested in requests to invest in outside companies, as well as advertising proposals, marketing inquiries and sponsorship opportunities. If you like to partner with Web Site Get, submit your inquiry for consideration following the guidelines below:

Marketing, Advertising or Sponsorships:

Email your Overview to Include a brief outline of your proposed opportunity detailing:

Business Investment Email an Executive Summary of your business plan to It should be no longer than five pages and should include:

You can also mail your submission to:
Bulgaria city:Sofia
1618 Bukstoun
160 G-77

Please allow up to four weeks for the initial review process. When the initial review is completed you will receive a request for more information or you will be informed that WenSiteGet will not be pursuing the business opportunity with you. By submitting materials to us, you are agreeing that the materials do not contain information that is confidential, proprietary, or otherwise protected. You acknowledge that Web Site Get may be developing products or programs that are similar or identical to your submissions and that Web Site Get is under no obligation to compensate you for any business idea or plan submitted, regardless of whether WebSiteGet pursues a similar idea in the future.