razorCMS is a open source content management system

About razorCMS

razorCMS razorCMS is a PHP open source content management system that came about from some brief time spent using nanoCMS. After forking the nanoCMS project due to some concerns about functionality, security and the absence of important parts, uCMS was born.

razorCMS was created from scratch by the lead developer from morgan integrated systems ltd., using a whole new design, but using a small amount of parts of uCMS in a few places. Virtually all of the uCMS code that has found its way into razorCMS has been re-written in one form or another, with the addition of completely new code for the best part of razorCMS.

Whilst razorCMS probably contains little to no trace of uCMS or nanoCMS to this day, we we still hold true to our history by declaring razorCMS as GPLv3 software, all of razorCMS is offered under the GPLv3 licence.

With the further evolution of razorCMS, our goal for the next milestone release is to offer true choice, by offering a more simple intuitive approach, choice of mySQL or flat file storage, and pure razorCMS code putting razorCMS on the map as an original CMS solution with no connection to other CMS solutions.

The Content Management Systems (CMS) also includes:

New Admin Home Page

Take a look at interactive home page, with feedback on environment, versions and introducing the new system messages from the razorCMS website and the ability to monitor all files within the system for permissions to ensure file security.

Content Manager

File Manager

Backup Manager

User Manager

Settings Manager

Blade Manager

Some of the freely available themes for razorCMS