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gpEasy it is fast, easy and free

About gp|Easy CMS

gp|Easy CMS has many qualities, but if we had to pick three adjectives to describe our CMS, it would have to be fast, easy and free. These three small words represent big ideas for us and embody the principles that drive gpEasy development.

The Content Management Systems (CMS) also includes:


To us, being fast means being efficient and organized.  It means making software that is not only quick to process data, but also designed intuitively so users can find features quickly.


It goes without saying that we take ease-of-use very seriously.  Were not just talking about making our CMS easy for programmers or professional web developers.  We want gpEasy to be easy and intuitive for users with little to no experience with web technology.  We didnt make gpEasy for large corporate websites, and were proud of that.


gpEasy would not exist if it wasnt for the years of work that have been put into other free and open-source projects. In fact, when you download gpEasy, youre downloading at least 10 other projects that we were able to incorporate into ours simply because they are free and open source.  We even have access to the code repositories of programs running some of the busiest websites in the world, and were not shy about cherry picking our favorite pieces.  Needless to say, our CMS has benefited substantially from the open-source community, and were committed to giving back.


Like we said, gpEasy is much more than just fast, easy and free. Here are some more reasons why youll love our CMS.


Most likely gpEasys most significant accomplishment is the ability to edit web page content exactly the way it appears to site visitors.

Fast Websites

We put a lot of work into making our CMS fast. Sites you build using gpEasy will benefit from a number of advanced optimization techniques that reduce the amount of bandwidth used and the number of HTTP round-trips.

Image Galleries

Upload images and arrange them in dynamic galleries for standalone use or inclusion in your pages. All accomplished in gpEasys uniquely integrated WYSIWYG fashion.


The security of your website isnt something you should have to worry about, and we plan on keeping it that way. Our CMS is built with multiple levels of security to keep hackers out.

SEO Friendly Organization

Good SEO is more than just having the right keywords and search engine friendly URLs. Our drag-n-drop page manager makes it easy for you to create an organized site that users and search engines will appreciate.

Plugins and Themes

Our active community of users continues to design add-ons that are free to use by anyone. You can even browse and install themes and plugins directly from within your installation of gpEasy.

Email Ready

Let users contact you without displaying your email address on your site by using the integrated contact form. Phps mail method is used by default, but sendmail and smtp are also supported.

No Database Needed

No need for MySQL. SQLite isnt used either. Page content and site configuration are all stored in flat files instead of a database making gpEasy portable, easy to install, and fast.

Available in Multiple Languages

gp|Easy CMS has a global user base and has already been fully translated into more than 15 languages with more translations in the works.
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